Dissatisfaction lies in the difference between what’s around us and how we would like that to be. And of course, the only thing we can reliably change over time is the latter.

Our partner is not going to become more loving because we want them to. Our boss is not going to become a better one because we read a book about leadership. We are most likely not going to be successful in the vast majority of pursuits we undertake and average is going to be our natural habitat. Rainy days are still going to follow shiny sunny ones, and they are going to hurt more. The people we surround ourselves with will continue to pursue their lives paying us little attention and giving us little credit. We are probably never going to be loved as much as we love (mainly because we only feel one of the two), and others are always going to hurt us more than we hurt them (for the same exact reason).

That is life.

It does not get any better than this. Except, sometimes it does. And until we are ready to look at it for what it is, in its entirety and free from all of our expectations and demand, we won’t be ready to welcome whatever positive change it is going to bring.

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