In the urgency of now, we often make the mistake of looking at systems as if they were uniform and uncomplicated.

Technology increases the chances of such a misunderstanding. We are led to believe that tools and apps magically solve incredible problems as we look at their success ex post, failing to consider the various factors that have contributed to it, or the pains they have brought about, or the multiple reiteration they had to go through.

And so, nowadays, when we have a system that does not work, or that could work better, we usually look at technology for the solution.

The problem is that by doing so we focus our attention on a manifestation of what is going.

Change rarely starts at a superficial level. The only way to make it effective is to start from the roots of the problem, moving gradually horizontally and laterally, preparing for what is about to happen and managing the different circumstances.

There is nothing magic in such a process.

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