How far can you go before you do something about that power dynamic you really don’t like? How much can you wait for changes to happen after you have spoken up? How beaten can your motivation be before you actually stop showing up to do important job?

How much is too much?

In every situation we set boundaries, imaginary limits beyond which something significant will have to happen. Boundaries are what tells us what we can accept and what not, how far we are willing to go, how intimate with others we are open to be. They are a deep representation of who we are and who we want to become.

Boundaries can change over time, but we should be conscious about them at any given time, and flex them with great care. Because there’s nothing worst for self-esteem than allowing others to walk on boundaries back and forth, repeatedly, day after day, until we pretend to stop caring about where the boundary actually is.

Boundaries matter. Perhaps allow some space when you set them. And once that is done, you ought to protect them with all you’ve got.

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