How are you going to know?

When you cut with a knife, more often than not, you are not risking anything as long as you are cutting something that is familiar and that does not require a particular effort.

Most problems start when you hit a spot that you cannot cut with your normal moves. You turn the knife up and down, apply more pressure, your motion loses fluidity, you get more tired as the difficult spots increase.

That’s when the risk of getting cut is higher, and that’s when you most need to be present and alert.

The same is valid for our lives, both personal and professional. You need to have routines you can relax in, in order to be ready when it’s needed.

If you dedicate your attention to everything and everybody in the same measure, if you consider all the opportunities equally appealing and worth your time, if that particular feeling you feel when something is important is there all the time.

How are you going to know?

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