There’s incredible value in emancipating from the need of recognition.

We all want our work to be acknowledged, appreciated, rewarded. And yet, when doing that, we shift the focus of the work itself on something that is beyond our control. We set ourselves up for failure. Others often do not praise our efforts and results, not because they are malicious or do not care, simply because their agenda is front and center to them, just as much as our is to us.

So, the alternative is to find pleasure in what you are doing and accepting the recognition that comes from within. I understand it is something that does not come natural, but it can be trained.

Daily or regular practices are great for this. When you meditate every day, record your thoughts on the page every day, workout three times a week. When you do something that requires a certain effort (mental and physical) and creates something that was not there before. Regularly. Then, after a while you start realising that you are not doing it because of the praises you get, you are committing simply because it is something that makes you feel good.

With work, it’s not different. Of course, you change roles, companies, countries, industries. And yet your work can be a daily activity, a daily practice, that has the potential to make you feel good. No matter if your boss says “great work!”, or if you eventually end up getting that promotion.

People, us in the first place, should get better at opening their eyes and recognise the work of others. That’s a fact. And it’s also something we can do anything about.

While we wait, we can train at appreciating the practice of doing what we do.

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