A while back, somebody asked me to introduce their start-up to a friend of mine who is also a successful entrepreneur and investor.

I did not do it.

Not out of spite or malice, simply because I did not trust the idea, the people, the business model enough to attach my name to it in front of a person I trust and think highly of. A person that has helped me develop professionally and that I am sure will be there if and when I need it.

Plenty of people believe that being an advisor, a board member, a promoter, an advocate is something to stuff in a curriculum or on the LinkedIn profile. Yet I believe you have to be mindful about what you associate your name with.

The key question for me is: is this idea something I would gladly promote if there would be nothing in it for me? Most often than not, you’ll find the answer is no. And then, better move on in search of something that really matters.

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