Sunny and rainy days

Almost everybody loves a sunny day. It is a given, something we do not spend much time thinking about. If it sunny outside, we know most people will be happy about it.

Not quite as many people, though, loves a rainy day. Actually, quite a few. And if you are one of those, it is quite special to meet somebody who does too. You will possibly start talking about how a rainy day makes you feel, sharing experiences of stuff you’ve done when it was raining, and complaining a little bit about the bad press rain usually gets.

The point is. You can choose to connect on something that most people like, that is widely accepted. It is easy, and probably you will be easily and quickly forgotten.

Or you can pick a character that is peculiar to you, one that identifies who you are and that some people, at some point, might even find annoying. It will take more work, it will be challenging, and you will find long-term connections.

The choice is yours.

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