Not there

Find something that makes you happy and stick to it.

Figure out what gives you energy and double down on it.

Understand what gives you a sense of accomplishment and do that consistently.

Notice what puts a smile on your face and expand that until it fills most of your days.

The alternative is a spiral of negativity that will be every day more difficult to escape.

Do not go there.

A different route

What if a simple task, instead of fueling regret for the lack of a challenge, would push us to give our best consistently?

What if a simple goal, instead of fueling discontent for the little reward, would make us full?

Difficult, complex, busy, huge are often considered measures of success and satisfaction.

You can take a different route.

Seek outliers

If you seek change, looking at what the person sitting next to you is doing won’t help much.

At best, it will make an easy excuse to use when you want to fall back to your old habit.

Go as far from the mean as you can, instead. Learn about what’s been tried a few times only, about what’s new, about what’s not been tested yet.

Seek outliers.

That’s the path to change.

Less scary

Fear is irrational. Pretending to reason when fear kicks in is pointless.

What we can do is keep in mind that fear is one version of reality. Not the nicest one. Not the most realistic one. Just one of the many that are possible at any given time.

When you put fear in this context, things will slowly become to look less scary.