What’s the impression you leave on those who are moving on?

What will your churned customer say about the service they got?

What will the exiting employee say about your company’s culture?

What will your colleague say as they transition to the new project?

Clearly, a mismatch emerged at some point. And the way you manage that does matter.

Vicious and virtuous

Sometimes you can start a habit by breaking a negative cycle.

If you always check your inbox right before going to sleep, try not doing it just once.

If you spend an increasing amount of time with a repetitive videogame, surprise yourself by not reaching for it at the next occasion.

If you go for your phone as soon as a notification pops up, resist the instict next time – turning off notifications is an easy aid.

Sometimes you can start a habit by nurturing a positive cycle.

If you figure out that calling a friend puts you in a good mood, do that more regularly.

If you realize that reading a book calms your nerves and sparks new ideas, buy a new one once your are done with the next.

If cooking makes you think more carefully about what you are eating, carve some time every day to cook yourself a meal.

Sometimes, all you need is one less.

Sometimes, all you need is one more.