The excitement of an overachievement can ruin the chances of the following run.

If the result was brilliant, why was it? What happened that made it so? Who was involved, what were the circumstances, what is likely to change? How similar is all of that to what will happen next?

All questions to answer before taking the overachievement at face value and decide that it is the new normal.


Your sadness might be caused by another person’s insecurity.

Your fear might be caused by another person’s boldness.

Your silence might be caused by another person’s loneliness.

There are different angles to the same story. And the capacity to appreciate more than one of them will help you get past whatever it is that is holding you back.

Defending boundaries

Others will always ask, demand even, that you change your mind, do something, behave in a given way. And of course, it is your responsibility to accept what you feel comfortable with and push back against what is not for you. What does not help your own goal. What does not stand for you own values. What takes you farther from your purpose.

You set the boundaries and you are the one defending them.