A category of one

You are a person who belongs to a category of one.

Or probably better put in the words of somebody who knew better.

Every individual is an exception to the rule.

Carl Jung

That does not mean that you are alone, not necessarily. It means that you are unique. That what works for others, maybe will not work for you. That what others consider ok, maybe is not ok for you. That you have the full power to write your own story and to be proud of it.

Of course, it also means that others around you are unique. That they might have a completely different point of view. That they might see things that are crystal clear to you in a completely different manner. That they might argue with you, disagree with you, be mad at you, while still fulfilling their own unique story. And be proud of it.

This is scary and also exciting.

The way you look at that changes everything.

Share and play back

Help people by sharing what others think, and they will find a way to interpret that and apply it to their lives.

Help people by playing back what they think, and they will find a way to figure out themselves and be consistent in their lives.

On the other hand, help people by telling them what others mean or what to do, and they will just ignore, even when you approach them with the best of intentions.

Finding meaning

We can’t keep assessing productivity in terms of quantity.

The amount of emails we reply to.

The number of meetings we have scheduled.

How many conversations we are in.

How late we are leaving from work.

The quantity of leads, presentations, or projects we deliver.

Productivity needs to be a function of a goal we set and of the actions we take towards that goal.

If within a measure of work (an hour, a day, a week) we complete something that takes us closer to the goal, that’s where we find meaning.

The rest is just a poor proxy. Just faked busyness.