All year round

Perhaps it’s because it’s Christmas. Perhaps somebody has done something nice for you. Perhaps you have just gotten an unexpected praise, or a long-waited message. Perhaps it’s the energy you are getting from having finally started that project you have been wondering about for so long. Perhaps it’s your family, your friends, your loved one. Or perhaps it’s just because that’s who you are, and you have always known it.

But if you got in the mindset of giving these days, if you are being kind and helpful, if you are saying “I see your point” and “That is interesting” more often than “You are wrong” and “That is stupid”, then just remember that there is no reason why you should not practice that all year round. Even when things are tough. Particularly when things are tough.

Merry Christmas.

Deep inside

What we do is always a manifestation of something deep we feel inside.

When we shout, it might be because we got scared.

When we hit somebody, it might be because we feel insecure.

When we say something mean, it might be because we got treated unfairly.

That’s an explanation of course, but it should not be an excuse. We need to identify what’s deep inside, and tackle it with all our possible resources, because it’s difficult to get rid of the behavior if the feeling is still there.

Something to let go

At some point, you have to let go.

Not of things, but of your attitude towards things. Most of what happens is made worst by what we think about it, what we feel about it, what we say about it – to ourselves and to others. That’s what we need to get rid of, the part we have to let go.

Do it sooner rather than later, and you can start the process of change.

It goes away

Most things last between a few seconds and a few minutes.

Then, we make them linger in the form of thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, preoccupations, so they become a central part of our life and drive our behavior.

Next time you feel angry, bored, worried, nervous, awkward, disappointed, try and sit with it without doing nothing. Nothing at all.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly that goes away.

Onto the next one.