One of the most underestimated skills is the capacity to keep at it even when faced with scarce results.

An even more underestimated skill is the capacity to let go of things you have dedicated time and resources to, once they are no longer beneficial to you and others.

Balance the two and you will own your destiny.

Matches always start 0-0

Matches always start 0-0.

That’s why it’s so fascinating to start from scratch. When the ball is still, there are infinite possibilities. We can make it, no matter our skills, no matter the environment, no matter how much of an uphill battle it might be.

Of course, there are few memorable matches that ended 0-0.

Also, that’s not a score that gets you to win the championship.

The biggest difference

The biggest difference is not in goals.

We all want some more of something. Money. Success. Health. Career. Knowledge. Security. If you tell that’s what you want, it’s difficult to stand out, because our goals are incredibly similar.

The biggest difference is in method.

How are you going to get that some more?

Tell about that and you will have your own personal story.

Something you can control

It’s not bad to be told that you’ve done a poor job, that you have played poorly in the last match, that your performance is below the expectations.

It does not have to become a personal affront or a way for you (and others) to determine the quality of your future.

Of course, it hurts. Because you have probably given it your all.

But the direction of the motion that comes out of negative feedback is something you can control.