Life is repetition

This year I have started taking Tai Chi lessons. There is one thing that I am particularly enjoying, and it is a thing that few years back I would have probably hated.

The lesson is usually 75 minutes, and between 65 and 70 minutes is dedicated to repeating parts you have learned previously. During this time, you do the moves over and over again, the teacher comes to you and tells you how to perfect them, and it is often a matter of moving the hand up a bit, or sliding the foot few centimeters to the side, or keeping the back slightly more straight. The remaining part of the lesson is about learning 1 or 2 new moves.

I find this is a great lesson in patience and working for the long term. There is no need to rush to the conclusion, you better focus on what you are doing and completely be in the moment while you transition from one move to the next. There is also absolutely no pressure in getting the moves right the first time, it is a given that you will have to try them hundreds, thousands of times before they are really yours.

Life is 99% repetition. We better be well aware of this, embrace it and live it fully. Perfect our moves until they come natural, so that we can also get better at enjoying the unexpected, unknown, exciting and inspiring 1%.


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