You don’t always have to second-guess

Companies invest money and time in attempting to personalise the way they communicate with their customers, both potential and current. If you’ve ever gotten a selection of product or services that was picked “just for you”, you probably already noticed how little they are successful in doing that.

Of course, it is complicated if you don’t ask. You have to second-guess the behaviour of somebody who perhaps stumbled on your website by mistake, just once, and quickly left.

What is troublesome, is that many companies miss the opportunity to personalise when it’s easy. For example, during a customer support conversation.

Here is a different path.

Hi there, it’s great you want to give some friends the gift of learning, kudos to you.

I have to say, at the moment we don’t have gift cards. Yet, I like your idea so much that if you share with me the e-mail address of the friends you’d like to send the gift to, along with a short note, I’ll be happy to set the thing up for you.

I’ll also make a note to our team, as you are not the first to ask for gift cards. I hope we’ll have them by next Christmas, so that you can continue this tradition with your friends autonomously.

Looking forward to help you with this, and in the meantime I wish you a fantastic holiday season.

3 thoughts on “You don’t always have to second-guess

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